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In  memory of Ronald Keeney 

July 1937 – October 2016

Ron spent his life trying to make things better for others.  He was involved in anything he could find which allowed him to show others their own value, prevent violence whether due to war, or racial and religious intolerance.  He believed in the sanctity of human life and the right of people to live in dignity.  Ron detested indifference. 

As one of the founding members of the Interfaith Homelessness Network, Ron worked with April Showers but also reached out to try and address the causes and find solutions to homelessness in San Leandro.  His focus was on local areas and specific help for people rather than “policy” statements.  He was one of the unseen group which formed the San Leandro Homeless Task Force in an effort which is becoming successful this year to move people from our creeks and into housing. 

Ron was an Electric/Electronic Engineer by training and choice.  He believed that life’s problems had an engineering solution and when a problem was defined especially as it applied to those less fortunate in our area, he did his very best to identify the root cause and figure out a logically based engineering solution to that problem. 

There are many of the homeless in San Leandro who would not recognize Ron on the street, but all have benefitted from his commitment, dedication and love.  He knew he was here for only as long as he could be, but worked as long as he could to make sure that whatever he touched was better for him having been here.  He will be missed.

Ron Keeney was the Steering Committee Chairman of IHN/April Showers for more than 10 years.  He followed Garry Loeffler when Garry and his wife Bonnie retired and moved to Idaho.  Ron was very task oriented and he kept his finger on the pulse of the group.  Although he had many other commitments which prevented him from regularly attending April Showers events, he cared very deeply about the homeless and those who have very little voice with those in “authority”.

Ron was strongly affiliated with the First United Methodist Church and remained committed until he left this world.  He believed in peace and equality of people regardless of their station in life and valued people for those things each brings to another.